北京迪诺广告有限公司 - - dinoad 作为新锐、专业的品牌创建、管理、设计及公关活动公司,为您提供全方位的品牌策划管理,包括:品牌设计、品牌规划、品牌体检、品牌培训、品牌传播、品牌管理,公关活动策划执行等。

dinoad 创建并管理品牌,使之成为极具价值的商业资产,我们致力于发现消费者与产品和商业之间的情感、价值、文化连接,以国际化和专业化的品牌设计及管理方法来为客户解决的品牌视觉或商业设计需求。

迪诺广告 - dinoad 为拥有国际雄心的企业提供有效的品牌策划及设计服务。我们拥有更精锐的项目团队,更全面的业务领域,为您创建品牌,解决品牌管理和传播的个性化、系统化问题。我们拥有更全面地资深设计师,针对具体项目进行策略分析视觉营销策略并提升商业设计中的艺术审美。

迪诺广告 - dinoad 成立于2005年1月,服务客户包括金融、汽车、商业、家电、地产、政府机构等行业。为企业创造强势品牌为迪诺广告 - dinoad 理想所在。

all about dinoad

dinoad is the cutting-edge, professional brand creation, management and design company. Provide a full range of brand planning. Include: brand design, brand planning, brand examination, brand training, brand communications, brand management,PR.

We create and manage the brand, and make it be valuable business assets, we are committed to find  the emotions, values, culture and connections between consumer products and business. solve visual brand or business design requirements for the clients with international and professional design and brand management. dinoad provide effective brand planning and design services for Chinese companies which have international ambitions.

We have an elite team, more comprehensive business areas for you ,to create a brand, brand management and communication to solve individual and systematic problems. We have more comprehensive senior designers, project-specific analysis of visual strategies,enhance marketing strategy and business design aesthetic. dinoad In order to create a strong brand for you.

dinoad was established in January 2005, clients include financial services, automotive, commercial, home appliances, real estate ,Government organization,and other industries.


Design · Imagination · Novelty · Originality

设计 · 想象 · 新颖 · 原创